All About The Order Of Service

When you attend a funeral, we all receive an order of service, but do you know what needs to be included? This simple booklet is a key part of the funeral service and outlines the order of the day & service. We have put together a guide all about the order of service and what needs to be included.

What Is An Order Of Service

As outlined above an order of service is a booklet, around 8 pages, that tells you about the deceased and their life and how the funeral service will run through the day. Below you will find what is included but there are no hard-fast rules for what can be included.

What is Included In An Order Of Service

On the front page is usual a picture of the deceased, if you are put an order of service together, choose a picture that best represents them and the way they lived their life. This includes their date of birth and date of death; most include a brief quote or verse that they loved or spoke through their life.

The pages inside include: –
– A schedule of the day & wake
– Verses, poems, or song words that are special to them
– Photos of them through their life
– Include a list of the songs or hymn played at the funeral
– On the rear page include an image that is a different side of their personality to the front cover. Make it fun or show them in a way that best represents them.

If you are unsure what to include, talk to your funeral director, they will be happy to help and guide you through the process.

VA Peterson Funeral Director Cwmbran

VA Peterson Funeral Director in Cwmbran provide a respectful and experienced funeral service. As a local funeral director are service has dated back to the 1920’s, we have built a reputation for offering a professional & caring service to all our clients. Contact us to discuss your needs or should you have any enquiries.

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