Am I Too Young For A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Perfect for ensuring you get a funeral at today’s prices; a pre-paid funeral plan is a forward-thinking process that allows you to remove all the stress of what is a very hard time for your family. So, the simple answer to am I too young for a pre-paid funeral plan, is no. Find out how a funeral plan could work for you.

How Old Do I Have To Be

The minimum age for most funeral plans is 18. Each plan is tailored to give you the best overall experience and give you the choice in how you want your funeral to be. Plans vary in what they provide and how they can be paid for, always check the details of the plan and how they work best for your circumstances.

What If I’m Over 50

There are many plans to choose from for over 50’s and even into your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Do be aware that funeral plans for individuals who are older are designed to ensure that everything will be complete in good time. Check with your funeral director to see your options and how they best work for you.

How Long Will My Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Last

Once your pre-paid funeral plan has been paid for and all arrangements recorded, your plan will be ready for use. Your funeral plan will be locked at today’s prices and can be used in 20, 30 years’ time. There is no limit. Do be aware to ensure everything you wish is covered in your funeral plan and if a requirement is not covered, that you have funds put aside for this.

V A Peterson Cwnbran

V A Peterson, Cwmbran offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan trust and has a range of plans to suit all budgets. As a trusted and experienced funeral director we can help you to plan any funeral and can take you through the process one step at a time.

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