Are Funeral Costs On The Rise

Thinking about your own funeral is not on the top of everyone’s list when thinking about the future but as funeral costs are starting to rise it’s a time a lot of people are starting to think about. Not only for our own peace of mind but our families too.

What Do Funerals Cost

Although costs vary, on average a funeral costs around £4,000. This cost is also effected by the increasing costs of extra items, such as:-
• Headstone
• Flowers
• Cars
• Catering
• Care of the deceased

Because of these factors more and more people are starting to consider a pre-paid funeral plans, that will allow you to be prepared for the future.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Newport

By taking out a pre-paid funeral plan you will get the peace of mind, for your family, that all the arrangements have been taken care of and that you have the funeral you want.

Finding a trusted & experienced funeral director is the start of arranging your policy. They will be able to take you step by step through the planning process and many have pre-paid funeral plans to suit all budgets. Ensure you check what is included in the plan and what is not, so money can be put aside should you wish for these.

Overall, funerals cost are set to rise in the coming years and by having a funeral plan in place you will be able to have the funeral you wish at today’s prices, which is a saving for the future. Also you loved ones will be able to grieve without any extra problems arising.

V A Peterson Cwnbran

V A Peterson, Cwmbran offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan trust and has a range of plans to suit all budgets. As a trusted and experienced funeral director we can help you to plan any funeral and can take you through the process one step at a time.

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