Which Funeral Plan Is Best For Me ?

“Which funeral plan is best for me ?” – This question may become more and more daunting as you grow older. However if you feel you are prepared to answer it, then VA Peterson Funeral Service Ltd are here to guide you.

We are experienced funeral directors offering a range of bespoke and respectful funeral plans to fit your needs in the Cwmbran, Wales area. So please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01633 483127, or visit our website for more details.



The Different Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular, as there are many benefits.

Because of their rise in popularity, VA Peterson offers a variety of funeral plans that allow yourself to arrange a personalised funeral. This takes the stress and the financial responsibility away from your loved ones.

We offer all of our funeral plans from Golden Charter. They are a leading funeral plan trust and help us to offer a variety of arrangements.

Our plans include :

The Independent Simple Way plan

The Independent traditional way plan

And the Independent Exclusive way plan

So don’t wait to find which funeral plan is best for you and contact us today for more advice and details.


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How Old Do I Need To Be ?

Our funeral plans generally have no age limit. However depending on the payment plan you choose, it can effect what age you start contributing towards your set arrangement.

Stereotypically, you would not start to consider your pre-paid plan until later on in life. Perhaps when you turn 50, you might start considering future plans.

For example, our Full payment plan has no age restrictions and therefore after 18, you will be able to pay for your funeral service.

The same applies for our 12 monthly payment plan. Our Low-cost funeral plan instalment option allows you to spread payment over a longer period of time. This option is available if 78 and under at the time of application.

However our fixed monthly plan is a lifetime payment plan, and therefore doesn’t start until you turn 50, and is paid in until you pass. Whatever your age, its not too early to start planning ahead.



Help With Choosing The Right Funeral Plan For You

We at VA Peterson understand how difficult the topic of death is. Nobody likes to plan for it or even think about it. This is why we offer respectful advice on choosing the best funeral plan for yourself.

A tough decision like this requires research and advice from professionals. Therefore we are here to assist you with different factors of each plan that might help influence your decision.

If you are looking to save money for example, then we can offer our lower cost independent simple way plan with a low cost payment arrangement. We can help define details and services you would like included so that you can have an idea of the plan that best suits your needs.

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Funeral Plan Prices & Advice

All funeral plan prices will vary depending on the service and the features each service has. As discussed pre-paid arrangements are an excellent way of cutting costs, as there is no added cost come the unfortunate day. With all of our plans, the price varies as does the features included.

VA Peterson offers competitive prices on all 3 of our bespoke Golden Charter plans. Our independent simple way plan starts at £3,495. The Independent traditional way plan starts at £3850 and finally our Independent exclusive way plan starts at £4,099.

At VA Peterson, we want to help as much as possible with this difficult decision. So we’ll be here every step of the way to answer your questions.

Contact us on 01633 483127 or visit our website for details on our plans and more advice during this difficult decision.

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