Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans are an increasingly popular decision for people who want a personalised funeral without the added stress of cost after death.

At VA Peterson Funeral Service Ltd, we know how difficult losing a loved one is. Pre-paid funeral plans take away the added stress of having to plan a service, as well as the time gained back to mourn your loved one.

If you’re interested in one of our pre-paid plans, please contact VA Peterson on 01633 483127 or visit us in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

The Pros and Cons Of Pre Paid Funerals

Funeral plans have become increasingly popular over the years. They are seen as an alternative to a traditional funeral plan that is organised after the passing of a loved one. There are both Pros and cons.


One of the main benefits is the desire to avoid becoming a financial burden in death. You want to leave your family knowing that your cost of funeral is paid.

Another benefit about our prepaid funeral plans is the personalisation. We at VA Peterson offer a range of plans, and customisation at every step. You decide on all aspects of the funeral ceremony – so when your time comes, your family will know that this is the funeral you wanted.

Along with this you can decide the type of funeral. E.g. a burial, cremation or a green funeral.



The cons of prepaid funeral plans are very limited. The only main con is that if you are paying for your plan over instalments and pass before the full amount if paid, your family will have to cover the remainder of the cost.

This could mean that your loved ones have a financial burden. However with VA Petersons plans, you have the option to pay in full for your plan.

Contact us for more advice & detail on our variety of plans.


The Different Types Of Plans Available

As Discussed, VA Peterson have a wide range of prepaid funeral plans offering a variety of services. We offer all of our plans from Golden Charter – They are a leading funeral plan trust, so you know your payment is safe and secure.

Our first plan is the independent simple way plan. This is our lowest price option and covers essential funeral director services plus an allowance towards third-party costs.

The Independent traditional way plan is our most comprehensive option. This includes two limousines as well as a superior coffin. This option is often chosen for burials.

We also offer an independent exclusive way plan. This goes a bit further as it includes the aspects from the previous two plans as well as more limousines and a superior coffin.

All of our plans have different payment options. With choices to pay in full – a one off payment. A 12 monthly payment option, a low-cost plan instalment option and a fixed monthly payment option.

Flowers on top of a coffin

Further Details On Prepaid Funeral Plans

As well as the information provided on this blog, we also have some further information. As discussed our plans are bespoke and respectful – but they are not set in stone.

We still offer customisation on our plans so that we can give your loved one the service they wanted and deserved. Just contact us for more information on how we can add a touch of personalisation.

As well as this we also include an option for third party costs. We set an allowance for £1000. This means that a party outside Golden Charter can help cover costs such as burial or cremations – therefore taking more of the stress away when losing a loved one.

For anymore information on our range of prepaid funeral plans, contact VA Peterson today on 01633 483127 or visit us in Cwmbran South wales today.

We hope we can help during your time of need.

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