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How To Plan A Funeral
Funeral Plans

How to Plan a Funeral

Let’s face it, planning a funeral is emotionally and financially draining, and it is something we probably never have done before. However, when a loved

How To Choose A Funeral Director
Funeral Directors

What Does A Funeral Director Do

Any good funeral director will ensure that the whole ceremony runs smoothly and helps the family think through the implications of their choices for the

Saving Money On Funerals
Funeral Directors

How To Save Money On Funerals

Arranging a funeral is something no one ever wants to have to do. Unfortunately, the time will come and they can be extremely stressful. When

Scattering Ashes
Funeral Directors

Scattering Ashes Cwmbran

Cremation is becoming much more popular in the UK. With cremation on the up, people are coming up with new and interesting ways to scatter

Choosing A Funeral Plan
Funeral Directors

Choosing A Funeral Plan

Costs of funerals continue to increase and aren’t being lowered anytime soon so it is important you are happy with what you are spending your

Choosing A Funeral Director
Funeral Directors

The Best Funeral Directors

Funeral planning can be a difficult process for most people. Here at VA Peterson, we understand this and know that quickly being thrown into a