Choosing A Funeral Plan

Costs of funerals continue to increase and aren’t being lowered anytime soon so it is important you are happy with what you are spending your money on. For the best funeral planning in Cwmbran, people choose to come to us at VA Peterson as we are trusted and can deliver.

We offer funeral plans to those who still want a quality service but don’t have the money right now. Read the guide below to find out more and if this is the option for you.

Funeral Directors Cwmbran

We at VA Peterson are in partnership with Golden Charter – bringing you the opportunity to have s pre-paid funeral plan. This lowers the pressure put on your friends and family to gather money together after you pass.

If you have not yet decided on your preferred funeral director, we recommend going with a provider with a lot of knowledge, therefore giving you more options. These choices shouldn’t be rushed and should be researched before making a final decision.

Cwmbran Funeral services

Most funeral services offer tiered plans, where more elaborate services cost you a significant amount more. This can seem like a good approach as there are options for everyone. However, while the cheaper option may sound good, the intimacy is taken away as there is no ceremony. This means there’s no opportunity for your loved ones to say goodbye before your body is taken to the crematorium or place of burial.

We at VA Peterson believe this isn’t how your life should be celebrated once you have left us. So, our funeral plans are different, but you should always check the fine print if you go through a different service provider.

Funeral Costs Cwmbran

Funeral costs differ dependant of the provider you go with. It is however common that third party costs aren’t considered or included in the initial price. Some funeral costs may only cover the director, not any added services that you will need. Some of these include:

• Cremation cost
• Minister fees
• Vehicle hire
• Catering
• Venue hire

It is common that plans provide a contribution to these costs, variant of the chosen plan. Whatever isn’t covered is then recovered from your home or must be settled by your family. It all comes down to your financial situation when picking the right funeral plan for you.

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