Funeral Services and Coronavirus Cwmbran

Do you understand the effect on funerals services and Coronavirus in Cwmbran? These are strange times and each industry has been affected in different ways. When it comes to funeral services, they have changed in a way that no one thought would be possible. With many having to attend funerals in greatly reduced numbers, it has caused a lot of upset for families and loved ones. So, do you know who can go to a funeral?

Who Can Go to Funerals

The simple answer to this question is 30 people, under the current guidance. This does depend on certain rules and guidance. If you are showing any signs of the virus, attending is not advised. If you come under the ‘at risk’ group, under the current guidance, you are able to attend the funeral but this a choice you will need to make and with everyone following hand washing and social distancing, this risk is greatly reduced. There will be some family and friends will not be able to attend, so, what can you do for the guests that can’t attend the funeral?

Involving Loved Ones and Friends Who Can’t Attend The Funeral

If you have a loved one or friend who can’t attend the funeral, what can you do to keep them involved? With many arrangements having to be undertaken by either telephone or email. In some cases they will be able to help with these arrangements and still keep involved.

As most funeral venues now have cameras set up, they will not have to worry about missing the service either. Ensure they have a copy of the order of service and are kept up to date with all the arrangements for the day, even though they can’t attend, they can still feel like they are taking part.

Getting Support and Finding Out More

If you need help getting support and finding out more information. Contact V A Peterson Funeral Service. Our expert team will be able to guide you through the arrangements at this difficult and unusual time. If you are unsure of any details or if you will be able to undertake any part of the funeral, contact us and we will be able to help.

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