Details Your Loved Ones Should Know

We don’t like to think about the end of our lives but having everything in place and making our loved ones prepared is becoming more and more important. From knowing about your will to your funeral plan, to any decision you have made.

Do You Have A Will

Most have a will of some sort but make sure your will is as up to date as possible. Inform your loved ones to where your will is stored, you do not need to tell them what is contained in your will, as this can cause tensions. This is a simple step in preparation but an important one. Ensuring your wishes are carried out and any monies or property is left to the persons you wish.

Are You An Organ Donor

Are you an organ donor? Tell your family and friends if you are. We all have different thoughts and feelings on organ donation. If you registered on the organ donation list or are not, if your family are aware, they can convey your wishes to a medical team.

Advanced Decisions

What are advanced decisions? Should you become ill and unable to communicate, an advance decision will outline how you wish to be cared for and how much intervention you want to be made on your behalf. Talk advanced decisions through with your loved ones, in some cases they my not understand your wishes and their views may differ but its important for them to know your wishes.

Do You Have A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

A pre-paid funeral plans are put in place before death to cover the costs of a funeral service. There are many options to choose from and many find a funeral plan to suit their situation. Funeral plans include the possibility to pay in one lump sum to flexible payments options. If you have a pre-paid funeral plan in place, inform your loved ones about the plan and the arrangements you have made. If you would like to undertake a funeral plan, involve your family and friends, so they are aware of each plan you make.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Cwmbran

Pre-paid funeral plans in Cwmbran at VA Peterson funeral directors. Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan trust and has a range of plans to suit all budgets. As a trusted and experienced funeral director we can help you to plan any funeral and can take you through the process one step at a time. Contact us today for more details.

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