Funeral Plans Cwmbran (Gwent)

Funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular. There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. The desire to avoid becoming a financial burden in death is considered to be the main attraction to taking out a funeral plan. Because of their increasing popularity, V A Peterson offers a range of funeral plans which allow you to plan for your death, meaning you take the distress and financial responsibility away from those you leave behind. So, if you want to plan for your death and relieve your family from financial worry, speak to us about our funeral plans Cwmbran.

Funeral plan benefits

Taking a funeral plan has many benefits. A pre-paid funeral plan gives you comfort in the knowledge that you have made plans for your funeral and also allows you to:

  • Protect against rising funeral costs
  • Make choices regarding all aspects of the funeral ceremony – plan the funeral exactly how you wish
  • Decide on the type of funeral you wish to have; burial, cremation or green funeral
  • Make the event of your death less distressing to relatives by giving them comfort in the knowledge that the funeral plans have been pre-arranged and paid for in advance
  • Relieve your family from financial worry

Pre-paid funeral plans

V A Peterson, Cwmbran offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan trust and has a range of plans to suit all budgets. The plans we offer include:

Paying for a funeral in instalments

All our pre-paid funeral plans offer the option to pay via monthly instalments. This means you can spread the cost and have comfort in the fact you are paying a fixed sum of money every month. We need to make you aware that it is important to keep up with your pre-paid funeral plan payment schedule. Missing a payment could invalidate your plan and you will not be liable for a refund.

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