Funeral plans Pontypool

Are you thinking about taking out a funeral plan? If you are you can be assured you are making a wise decision that could save you money.  There are many benefits that a pre-paid funeral plan provides in addition to the peace of mind knowing your funeral is taken care of. V A Peterson Funeral Services specialises in a range of Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plans which are designed to suit all budgets. So, if you are looking for funeral plans Pontypool, contact us. Our dedicated team will be able to assist in providing sound advice and guidance when choosing a funeral plan to meet your needs.


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Why have a funeral plan?

A funeral plan can save you money and future-proofs against rising funeral costs.

How can it protect against rising funeral costs?

Every year the cost of funerals is increasing. By buying into a prepaid funeral plan you lock into today’s funeral prices. This is a huge benefit as you can save a tremendous amount of money long term.

Flexible funeral payment options

The Golden Charter funeral plans offer a range of flexible payment options to suit your budget. Payment plans include:

  • Payment in full
  • 12 monthly payments
  • Low-cost instalment option
  • Fixed monthly payments

Are prepaid funeral plans a smart alternative to saving?

Saving for a funeral the traditional way through a bank or building society may seem like a good idea. But because funeral costs are ever rising and exceeding interest rates and inflation there is no guarantee that your saving pot will be enough to cover the costs of your funeral. A prepaid funeral plan fixes the cost of your funeral to days prices and as a result, the savings you make compared to the cost of paying for a funeral when you die can be substantial. In addition, you are free of the worry of your family having to cover any shortfall when you die.

Want to find out more about funeral plans Pontypool?

Contact us to speak about the options. We offer funeral plans to the local communities of Pontypool, South Wales. Our specialist staff can help you find the right plan to suit your budget.