Green Funerals and Woodland Burials

Our green funerals & woodland burials are becoming increasingly popular as people become more environmentally conscious. For an environmentally conscious alternative to a traditional burial and to find out more about these services speak to one of our experienced advisors about options on 01633 483127.

Green tree in a field to represent Environmental Funerals

What are Green Funerals?

As people are becoming environmentally conscious, green funerals are becoming more popular. These often simplistic ceremonies are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and be as eco- friendly as possible.

All aspects surrounding the ceremony have the environment at the heart. For example, the materials of the coffin are carefully selected from either wicker, natural fibre or basic wood. Of course these materials are sourced from sustainable forests. Typically a horse and cart is used to avoid the use of cars and unwanted carbon emissions.

A green funeral involves either a cremation using specially designed filters to prevent harmful gases being released into the atmosphere or a woodland burial.

Woodland burials

Woodland burials provide a beautifully natural and environmentally friendly resting place. A fitting resting place for the environmentally conscious. Due to being in an ever changing woodland area, graves are often left unmarked or with small discreet markings. This is so family and friends can identify the spot of their loved one without affecting the environment.

Often flowers or sentimental trees are planted in the area as a natural landmark, creating lasting memorials that benefit the environment. Once the ceremony has concluded, the deeds of ownership of the woodland plot are passed to the relatives or next of kin. 

These woodland plots can be purchased in advance for those who wish to be buried alongside their loved ones. Our friendly staff are experienced with advising people on the options available for woodland burials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our green funerals differ in price depending on the type of ceremony you would like. Our tested advisors will be happy to help and discuss options with you. Please call 01633 483 127.

A green funeral with a woodland burial is one of the most environmentally friendly funerals possible. With all factors of the funeral being considered with the environment in mind there is very minimal impact to the environment compared to a traditional funeral.

A natural or green burial means that the burial is eco- friendly and has not impacted the environment. No chemicals are used such as embalming fluids and biodegradable materials have been used throughout to allow the grave site to be returned back to nature.

Contact Us Information On Green Funerals & Woodland Burials

Our experienced team will be able to assist you with any enquiries you have about green funerals and woodland burials in the Newport, Caldicot & Pontypool areas. Call us on 01633 483127.

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