Have You Thought About A Green Funeral

When thinking about funeral plans, have you thought about a green funeral and decreasing your impact on the environment. Cremation has a high carbon footprint and with traditional burial plots becoming in short availability, many are looking at the eco-friendly option.

Eco Friendly Burials

Green eco friendly burials are a more natural way, an environmentally considered way of reducing the damage to the eco-system. Using biodegradable coffins can help to reduce the impact on the surrounding area. They are becoming more popular and coffins alternative materials are being considered as an improved & cost-effective choice.

Eco-Friendly Coffins

Coffins come in many materials now. Wicker, cardboard, bamboo, cork and many more. Each has its benefits to the environment. One of the main things to think about when your planning a funeral service, how far do products have to travel? By buying locally and trying to find products that have a low carbon footprint can greatly help the environment.

Have You Thought About A Natural Burial Site

There are over 100 natural burial sites across the UK alone. Being ware of what these sites allow is key. Most only allow degradable coffins. Open to all faiths and background, they mostly do not allow gravestones, but some do allow wooden markers. They can be the ideal choice for environmentally aware people, and they make a relaxing & calming place when visiting the deceased.

Funeral Directors Near Me

Here at V A Peterson, we support our customers in however they want to arrange a funeral and as an expert funeral director in Cwmbran we can help guide you through your funeral arrangements.

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