Headstones Cwmbran

Do you know where to find the best headstones in Cwmbran? For a sympathetic and trusted service, look no further than B&C Peterson, V A Petersons dedicated stone mason service. We provide a range of services including headstone restoration. Below we will show you the services we provide and how we have become the local trusted masonry service.

Headstones and Memorials

Headstones and memorials will usually be discussed as part of the funeral planning process. Each headstone will be unique to the person they represent. They will display their name and other details; they also usually have either a favourite saying or verse that truly show the person they were. Headstones can be personalised with certain motifs or photo plaques, and also with bespoke engraving.
We encourage our clients to visit us in our showroom and onsite memorial workshop to get a better idea of the service will provide. Our team are happy to answer any questions you have and give you the best overall experience.

Headstone Restoration Cwmbran

Over time you and your family may be in need of headstone restoration in Cwmbran. We offer a full restoration service for our clients. This can range from services such as cleaning to repair. Our team will access the issue and give you the best advice on how to either repair or possibly replace the stonework. We ensure that this work is always done with the utmost respect.

Headstone Services Cwmbran

For headstone services in Cwmbran, contact V A Peterson Funeral Services. As we have laid out above, our skilled team are here to help and will be able to find you the ideal personalisation for a headstone that best represents the deceased. Contact us on 01633 483 127.

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