How Much Does Burial And Cremation Cost

The costs of a funeral are steadily on the rise. Most concentrate on the cost of the funeral service itself but sometimes forget that the cost of burial or cremation can be a separate cost. These costs need to be considered when planning any funeral for the future or present. Our short guide will show you the expected cost and how they are set to rise over the years.

The Cost Of Cremation

Cremation is becoming a popular choice across the UK. With more than 60 % taking this option. The average cost of cremation is £823, depending on where you live. The most expensive place to be cremated is the South West of England at £884. Do be aware that these prices do not include doctors fee, which two signatures are required for a cremation to take place and any extras.

Most crematoriums are privately owned, and the fees have a tendency to be high. In places like London though the fees tend to be lower due to the crematoriums being owned by local authorities. In London, the average cost is £755.

The Cost Of Burial

Burials have a much higher cost than cremation. The average burial cost in the UK is £1,698. With England’s average being £1,862, Scotland’s £1,650 and Northern Ireland only being £543. Northern Ireland’s low price is due to the continued popularity of burial over cremation.

Most burial plots are leased for around 50-year periods to local residents and people that wish to be buried away from their local areas are usually charged more. Burial costs are roughly around the same price due to the cemeteries being owned by local councils and authorities. As with cremation, the signature of two doctors is required this coast around £164, another additional cost to remember.

Funeral Director Cwmbran

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