How To Make A Will And What To Include

When thinking how to make a will and what to include? Everyone’s mind seems to go blank. It can be a daunting task to lay out what you have to leave to family and other loved ones. We are here to help. Below is a guide to setting out your will and knowing what to expect and what you need to include.

What Are You Going To Leave

Start by writing out everything you would like to leave, don’t think to much about who you are leaving it to at this point, it can end up confusing you and items may be missed. List items such as any monies, property, personal items, furniture, and any other home contents. The list may seem endless but in general most people will group items together when it comes to dividing up their estate.

Dividing Up Your Estate

Now you have your list you can start to divide up your estate to the people or organisations you want to leave it to. Many people nowadays like to leave some money to charity, list out how much you would like to leave them. Try to be as clear as possible with who should be left what and if there are to be any conditions. Ask yourself some clear questions: –

– Who do you want to benefit from your will?
– If there is any residue from your will, who does it go to?
– What happens if a beneficiary has died before you?
This can seem like a bit much or a lot of what ifs, but having these thoughts laid out now will give you a better idea when it come to writing your will.

Your Executor

Executors will arrange the distribution of your will once you have died. Pick someone you trust and know can handle this task. Being an executor can involve a lot of work, so be careful who you pick. A solicitor can also do this for you.

Writing Your Will

Writing a will is more difficult than you may think, and we would always recommend taking it to a solicitor if it has been drawn up independently. There are many will be writing services out there, but you need to know they are as detailed as possible and can convey your wishes. From this point of view, going to a solicitor to write your will in the first instance could be the best course of action.

Don’t forget to include in your will details of any insurance you have in place and should you have a pre-paid funeral plan, where the plan is stored and what funeral director has been engaged. Now the last step is to store your will in a safe place. Your family solicitor will be able to store this for you if you wish.

Funeral Plans South Wales

Do you need a pre-paid funeral plan? Have you thought about how you want your funeral service to be? Here at V A Peterson, we support our customers in however they want to arrange a funeral and as an expert funeral director in Cwmbran we can help guide you through your funeral arrangements.

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