Information On Golden Charter Funeral Plans

If you need any information on Golden Charter Funeral plans, then visit VA Peterson in Cwmbran, South Wales. Or contact us on 01633 483127.  We offer a range of bespoke and respectful plans that comes with a variety of services at a competitive price.

So when the time comes that you feel ready enough to plan your funeral, choose VA Peterson.



What Are Golden Charter Funeral Plans

When you buy into a funeral plan your money is secure. This is because the money is paid into the Golden Charter trust. Once the plan you have selected has been fully paid for, it will cover the specific funeral directors services that are included in said plan.

As well as the variation on services, Golden Charter offer a range of affordable options to fund these plans with monthly payment arrangements. This therefore spreads the cost making it an affordable option whilst locking in the current funeral plans prices.

VA Peterson has many years’ experience in the industry and therefore can offer detailed information on Golden Charter funeral plans. But If needing any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What Happens If I Die Before My Funeral Plan Is paid ?

If the unfortunate day of your death comes before your plan is fully paid, do not worry as there are precautions.

If you have chosen the full payment option, then there will be no costs added to your loved ones when they contact us after your passing.

However if you still have outstanding payments to be made on a 12 monthly/ Low-cost instalment or a fixed monthly payments, then the remaining costs will be transferred to your estate or a loved one.

Meaning that your plan can still be paid for and you have the personalised service you chose. There is always an option for a refund on the plan you have started to pay for. your loved ones may feel a different plan suits your wishes.

For anymore FAQs, please see our website. If your question has not been answered then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on golden charter funeral plans. Or any other funeral aspects.



Is Golden Charter The Right Funeral Plan For me ?

With a decision as big as what funeral plan to choose, it is best to research all aspects. That is why VA Peterson have created a detailed website. We offer extensive information on Golden Charter funeral plans and other services.

The main attraction of these plans isn’t just the bespoke service or the variety. It is the knowing that your loved ones don’t have stress about any aspect of the funeral.

When the unfortunate time comes of your passing, you would rest easier knowing your family have no financial obligations. The can also pay their respects to your life at the service you would have wanted.

So if you feel that you have interest in our plans, contact us or visit our site. We would be happy to provide more information on Golden Charter funeral plans.


how much does a funeral plan cost

How Much Does A Funeral Plan Cost ?

With all of our bespoke plans, it is dependant on the payment plan you have arranged (Full/ 12 Monthly/low cost and Fixed Monthly) and the service you wish to have.

The most expensive Independent Exclusive Plan will include more services and features and therefore have a higher starting cost.

We recommend contacting us for specific information on our prices and possible payment plans. We would love to help you in this difficult time so please get in touch on 01633 483127 or visit the golden charter funeral plans website.

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