What is the Difference Between a Headstone and a Tombstone

Although most think that a headstone and a tombstone are the same thing, they do have differences, so what is the difference between a headstone and a tombstone? Both are made traditionally from a range of stones or granite, and usually engraved with the details of the deceased. It is the placement that differentiates between the two. A headstone is placed at the head of a grave and was traditionally used as a grave marker. On the other hand, tombstones are usually a sheet of stone placed over the grave in its entirety.

Both are cut and engraved by a skilled mason to meet the size and requirements. Engraving will usually include the details of the deceased and there year of death and in some cases a short memorial.

Monumental Stone Mason Service

If you are looking for a monumental stone mason service to complete a headstone or tombstone, look no further than V A Petersons dedicated service, B&C Peterson monumental service. This service offers a highly experienced finished to suit your requirements and our team are always happy to discuss your needs.

Each stone is individual, and we provide a range of stones and granites to meet your favoured needs. If you are unsure of how to stat or unsure of what to choose, contact us or come to our showroom and on-site memorial workshop to view our range.

Monumental Stone Masons Near Me

For your local monumental stone masons in Cwmbran, contact us today. Our skilled team are able to any questions you have and take you through the planning process for either you head or tomb stone. Contact us on 01633 483 127.

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