Organising A Funeral

Organising a funeral can seem and be quite overwhelming, especially when you are coping with feelings of loss and grief on top of everything else. Make sure you ask for help if you need it. You will need to think about things like who will organise the funeral, what it will involve beforehand and on the day, how it will be paid for and who to invite.

Asking yourself these few basic questions before you start can help you to plan with confidence and peace of mind – and give some direction.

  • Did the person who died tell you what they wanted or leave instructions in their Will?
  • Did they want to be buried or cremated?
  • Did they want their ashes in an urn or scattered, and where?
  • What kind of coffin did they want? Did they want an eco-friendly funeral?


  • How will you pay for the funeral and event?
  • Did the departed make their own funeral arrangements?
  • Is there a pre-paid funeral plan or funeral insurance available?

Do family members and friends have any special or specific wishes? Do they want to do a reading maybe, play a certain piece of music that was apt, or maybe carry the coffin?

If there are no formal instructions, the executor named in the Will or the person who is arranging and paying for the funeral will make these decisions and more.

They must also decide if any wishes expressed by the person who died are practical, affordable and acceptable to family and close friends. This Will is legally binding except for the funeral instructions, so it is OK not to follow the wishes expressed in the Will if they are not actually possible or practical.

Who Can Help With The Funeral Planning

You can ask family members and friends to help you organise the funeral. Some people will want to be able to help and be involved. Others may not feel comfortable or able to help with this.

If you are thinking of using a funeral director, they can help support you to organise the funeral.

Why Choose VA Peterson Funeral Service?

We are independent funeral directors offering bespoke funeral services at affordable prices. As independent undertakers, we have the freedom to tailor our funeral services to your wishes. This is because we are not bound by the restrictions that national funeral service providers must adhere to.

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