Scattering Ashes Cwmbran

Cremation is becoming much more popular in the UK. With cremation on the up, people are coming up with new and interesting ways to scatter ashes after a cremation. From keeping them in an urn to scattering them on a memorable place, the options are endless, but there’s a few things you should know before scattering ashes.

Is Scattering Ashes Legal

Here at V A Peterson, many of our clients ask us the same question, is scattering ashes legal? In short, yes, it is. However, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed and should be researched when considering where to scatter ashes. The things to consider are the permissions, what wildlife you are affecting and whether anyone else needs to be contacted before the scattering takes place.

Where To Scatter Ashes Cwmbran

Scattering ashes is a very personal thing to do and where they are scattered is usually down to the individual or their family. However, there are some more common than others which past clients have used:

Can I Scatter Ashes On Private Land

When scattering ashes on private land, the most important thing is to get permission from the landowner. Also consider any future impacts that scattering ashes have on a location, for example if it is a house and you decide to sell the house this may affect the people who buy the house after you.

Scattering Ashes At Sea

Scattering ashes at sea are a nice gesture to make when someone has passed. However, the law states that you must be at least 3 nautical miles away from any form of land. This is a more affordable way of being buried at sea.

Scattering Ashes In Nature

Mountains, lakes and woodland areas are all nature areas that would need permissions for ashes to be scattered there. People often scatter ashes in nature to ‘set free’ the deceased. For a mountain the ashes need to be spread across more than one area. Lakes need to not have any items left in the water that are non-degradable. Woodlands need to not influence environment.

For any information on scattering ashes in nature and guidelines, call us today or visit the woodland trust.

Scattering Ashes At A Churchyard

Each cemetery or churchyard has its own rules as to where ashes can be scattered and whether you are allowed a plaque or not. Here at V A Peterson we will be able to help you with which cemetery allows scattering ashes and the guidelines as well. Call us today for more information.

Scattering Ashes At A Sporting Venue

This one is entirely up to the owner of the venue. Some venues will be really understanding and will be completely okay with having ashes scattered there. However, not all venues allow it for numerous reasons so it would be a good idea to check first.

VA Peterson Funeral Service

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