What To Wear To A Funeral

Not knowing what to wear to a funeral can be added stress on top of losing a loved one. At VA Peterson Funeral Service Ltd, we know more than most how difficult it is to go about normal life after a someone has passed. But we hope this blog will give you an idea of a respectful and appropriate outfit for the funeral.

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Myths About Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Funeral Attire

It is always difficult to think about funeral attire after loved one has passed. VA Peterson have decades of experience in funeral services and advice on when someone dies, so we’re aware that knowing what to wear to a funeral can relive some stress.

Firstly you need to make sure your outfit is aligned with the deceased’s wishes. Some decide to have informal funeral attire at their own funeral, in order to lift the mood. This could be casual clothes with brighter colours.

However the majority of our funerals, the guests arrive in black attire. Wearing black to funerals is a long-accepted tradition as it is intended to show respect to the deceased and their loved ones.

After all, a funeral Is a sad occasion. Therefore black colours are seen as more conservative and shows signs of mourning. The attire should always be formal. A suit or shirt and tie for men and a formal dress/outfit for woman are the usual choices. Formal clothing also shows respectability to the deceased’s family.

During your difficult time, it is important that you support those closest to the departed. VA Peterson are on hand to answer any more questions about funeral attire and what to wear to a funeral.


Respect The Family

We’ve briefly touched on this, but it is so important that you respect the family during their extremely difficult time.

Firstly wearing black is your first priority, if instructed to do so by the family. Wearing black shows respect to the family, and you want to be as appropriate as possible.

During their time of mourning, you don’t want to appear disrespectful by wearing the incorrect attire.

As well as wearing the correct clothing, how you approach the family is very important. If they need space and support from a distance, you must accept their wish. It is important you give the deceased’s loved ones time and space to process the death.

If you feel you still require information on what to ear to a funeral or even how to respect the family, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at VA Peterson.

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Not Sure ? Ask For Help

We understand that being unsure on funeral attire at this difficult time is completely natural. VA Peterson have been helping people on what to wear to a funeral for decades. So we can help you decide as well as give advice on behaviour at the service.

If you do need further information or help, our website comes equipped with detailed information on all aspects of funerals. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01633 483127, or visit us in Cwmbran, South Wales.

VA Peterson are here to help you during this difficult time so get in touch today.

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