Which Is The Right Coffin To Choose

Which is the right coffin to choose? This is not the question we all want to think about. Making the right choice is all about the deceased and the life they lead. With many coffins to choose from it can seem daunting. We have put together a simple guide with the information you should think about before making your final choice.

Is The Coffin For Burial Or Cremation

Know where the body will be placed will be the starting point. If the deceased is having a green funeral, then the burial plot may have restriction on the kind of materials that can be used. There may also be restrictions on the size of coffin that can be used in some burial plots.
When it comes to cremation there may be certain material that cannot be used due to emissions when burnt. With either choice, contact your local crematoria or cemetery and they will be able to give you more information.

Coffin Or Casket

There really is a difference between a casket and coffin. A coffin is a traditional coffin shape, with tapered sides and curved points at the shoulder. A casket is a straight sided box shape, it also has a curved corner at each point.

What Material Is The Coffin Made From

Wood is the classic choice, but a coffin or casket can be made from everything from metal to willow. The choice is almost endless, with even cardboard being an option. In more environmentally conscious funerals, a biodegradable material tends to be used. Make the choice that best suits the deceased.

Have You Heard About Shrouds

Shrouds are simple cloth wraps that are placed on the body. They are mainly used for natural or woodland burials. These are specialist items and can be used in certain circumstances, ensure you do your research before deciding on this method.

Coffins & Caskets Cwmbran

Here at V A Peterson we offer a high-quality range of coffins & caskets. We have the ideal choice to suit your budget and needs. We have a range of materials from wood to the eco-friendlier choices. Contact V A Peterson our skilled team to find out more about our choice of coffins and caskets.

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