Who Is Able To Conduct A Funeral Service

Understanding who can conduct a funeral service comes with a simple answer. Anyone is able to conduct a funeral service, depending on your religious beliefs or personal preference. You have a choice of options as to who is able to conduct a funeral service.

Choosing A Funeral Director Cwnbran

Start by choosing a funeral director to arrange the funeral for you. As trusted experts they will be able to guide you in picking who should conduct the service that best works for you. They can give you and them great advice on the layout of your service.

A Civil Celebrant Explained

Civil celebrants hold services with no religious beliefs. They can give a service that is tailored to the families wishes, with readings of their choice and a focus on the needs of the family and the deceased. For a more flowing service and a non religious one, you may consider a humanist celebrant.

What Is A Humanist Celebrant

For a more natural feel, humanist celebrants, will focus on an individual’s life in a more scientific meaning of life and death. They will personalise the service and make it a very natural flowing ceremony. No religious aspects will be included in a service of this kind.

Friends & Family

As said above, anyone can conduct a funeral service and it is possible for a friend or family member to do this. It must be remembered that this can sometimes be hard as this is a very emotional time and the proposed celebrant may need to take this into account.

Funeral Directors Cwmbran

V A Peterson are an experienced Funeral Directors in Cwmbran offering professional and caring funeral services that are tailored to reflect your personal wishes. We are local funeral directors with our company history dating back to the 1920s. As a result, we have gained a local reputation for being trusted and professional undertakers that provide a wide range of affordable funeral services and prepaid funeral plans.

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