Who Will Pay For Your Families Funeral

Planning a parent’s funeral is a stressful time for any child. They have cared for their children through their lives and in many cases the role has now been reversed. You naturally want them to have the best celebration of their life and give them a fitting service but for many the question of how they will manage to pay for the funeral becomes a very real concern.

How To Pay For A Funeral

In the annual Sunlife “Cost of Dying Report” with the average funeral is now costing in excess of £4,000. This means that families in some cases are finding it harder to cover the costs of their loved ones funeral. Now one in ten people are deciding to use pre-paid funeral plans for their parents, ensuring they are prepared when the time comes.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Cwmbran

Pre-paying a funeral for your parents can greatly help reduce the overall stress at an emotional time. Your parents are also able to give their choices for the service and making it unique to them. There are many options to choose from, at V A Peterson we work with Golden Charter, who have a range of products to suit all budgets.

Golden Charter offer a range of payment options to suit you. Including:

  • Payment in full- A one-off payment offering immediate cover.
  • 12 monthly payments- 12 monthly interest-free payments.
  • Low-cost funeral plan instalment option- It is possible to spread payments over a longer period of time to keep your monthly repayments as low as possible. The payment terms available can range from between 2 years to 30 years. Fixed monthly payments
  • Fixed monthly payments are also available. This option is available for applicants aged 50 to 80. This payment plan offers full protection after two years of consecutive payments.

Funeral Plans Cwmbran

Funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular. There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. The desire to avoid becoming a financial burden in death is considered to be the main attraction to taking out a funeral plan. Because of their increasing popularity, V A Peterson offers a range of funeral plans which allow you to plan for your death, meaning you take the distress and financial responsibility away from those you leave behind. So, if you want to plan for your death and relieve your family from financial worry, speak to us about our funeral plans Cwmbran.

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