Why Do We Need A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

More and more people are learning the various benefits with setting up a pre-paid funeral plan. Has creating financial provision for your funeral also been in your plans for the future?

Why Do I Need A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Thousands of people die every year without having set up a funeral plan, and their families have been perfectly capable of arranging their funerals, so why should I set one up, you may think. For many people, the answer to this is that, they set up a plan because they do not want to leave their relatives with financial and organisational stress when they depart. The following points explain this in much more depth.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Funeral?

Back in 2016, SunLife “Cost of Dying” article showed the standard funeral cost stands at nearly £4,000. This means that a large financial burden is placed on the relatives or friends of the individual that has departed, especially if the value of the persons estate is minimal.

Sudden, funeral expenses, according to the British Seniors Insurance Agency, has resorted in young people, in particularly, getting into immense debt to cover the cost of the departed’s funeral.

Nowadays many people set up a pre-paid funeral plans so that the younger generations do not have to experience this fiscal pressure. For the person setting up this plan – you maybe, it signifies taking responsibility for the costs the passing will incur and minimising any stressful implications of their departure for a family that will already be grieving.

Making Funeral Arrangements

The complexity and stresses of sorting funeral arrangements can intensify the grief of family members. Making these detailed arrangements for yourself, therefore, can be a way of making things easier for your loved ones.

Indeed, research from Dying Matters, the awareness group, demonstrated that two thirds of the United Kingdom are comfortable with talking about death, and, yet, talking about the death of relatives is something we find incredibly upsetting. The discussion between a plan holder and funeral director can usually be professional and detailed, which means that relatives do not have to be burdened with hard funeral options at what is often a very distressing time.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Newport

V A Peterson, Cwmbran offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan trust and has a range of plans to suit all budgets. The plans we offer include:

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