Why Plan Your Funeral Now

Planning your own funeral is not something we usually want to think about, but having a funeral plan in place can make it much easier for your loved ones. Your funeral will be paid for and they know what you wanted, allowing for peace of mind, for them and for you.

What Is The Best Funeral Plan For You

You may have given your funeral some thought before, it may have never crossed your mind. When a person starts to plan a funeral everything from whether they have the service in a church or not to what floral arrangements they want to have is thought about. Sometimes overlooked, a good funeral plan can help you ensure the costs of your funeral are taken care of, making it much easier for loved ones. The average funeral costs £4,000 and by having an advanced funeral plan in place it can help to reduce the debt issues that can effect some families when someone passes away. So thinking about the best funeral plan for you can help make a difficult time that little bit easier.

Choosing The Right Funeral Plan

Below are some options for planning out how a funeral can be financed:-

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

The cost of funerals is increasing every year. Planning ahead will protect you from rising funeral costs. The reason for this is because if you buy a pre-paid funeral plan you are fixing the cost of the funeral directors services at today’s current prices. Most plans will allow you to pay monthly spreading the cost and give you options on the best plan to fit you.

Over 50’s Life Cover

Taking out insurance cover such as an Over 50’s Cover Plan, can be a good way to give a some of money to help with funeral costs. These plans are investment based, so be aware the payout amount can vary. With some research into different companies & plans, you can make a more informed choice. This option does not include a plan with a funeral director.

Self-Fund Funeral Plans

Another way is to simply save in a bank account and possibly make investments yourself. As with the Over 50’s Plan you would need to make sure your funeral arrangements are made separately.

Funeral Directors Cwmbran

V A Peterson Funeral Service Ltd are experienced Funeral Directors in Cwmbran offering professional and caring funeral services that are tailored to reflect your personal wishes. We are local funeral directors with our company history dating back to the 1920s. As a result, we have gained a local reputation for being trusted and professional undertakers that provide a wide range of affordable funeral services and prepaid funeral plans. Our services include arranging funerals, environmental funerals, burials, cremation services and repatriation. We cater for both religious and non-religious memorial services and also provide practical funeral advice. Let us take care of all the arrangements and relieve you of further upset at your time of need.

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